Geolocation :

Determining the precise geographical location of the intended person. The major interest, for marketing, is to allow for adapting communication and offers according to location.

Mobile Internet:

Sites, content and functionnality specially built for mobile phones.

Mobile multimedia :

Access to mobile internet and MMS.

Viral marketing :

Consist of sending a message – it is the traditional word of mouth method adapted to new technologies (mobile and internet).

Mobile user :

User navigating the web via his mobile. Médiamétrie counted 19 million mobile users in January 2012.

Opt-in :

Data collection policy based on the consumer's consent. An "opt-in" collection rests on the idea that the consumer gives his consent before the use of his personal data for commercial means.

Mobile web sites :

Also known as Wap sites or mobile multimedia sites, mobile web sites deliver content (text, images, sound, vidéos) and services adapted to the mobile phone format.

SMS (Short Message Service) :

The messaging service allowing for sending and receiving messages to or from a mobile terminal.

There are different categories of SMS :

  • Push SMS : the announcer broadcasts a message to his clients to promote his products, send invites, promotional offers...
  • Pull SMS : the client sends a message to the brand to get information, promotional codes, participate in games...
  • Push Pull SMS : the recipient is invited to respond to the message using SMS.
  • Wap Push SMS : the message contains a link to a mobile web site.
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) : service for transmitting photo, video and text messages between mobile users or to internet users.

SMS+ and MMS+ Services :

Body of applications, content or data accessible to users from a single short number, surcharged or not.


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